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How do I engage a client with BizPayO?
How do I engage a client with BizPayO?

How to send an engagement or how to engage a new or existing client

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For a video and brief tutorial on how to setup your first Engagement see this guide first:

When initiating engagements in BizPayO, we recommend that you use the following within the body of your agreement as a best practice.

This catch-all language gives you flexibility to easily modify fees with the understanding that you will always inform a client in advance (which you would do anyhow).

We recommend informing by email, not a formal bill or something that requires any real reading. Keep it simple...“Hey by the way the additional fee for this is $400, LMK if ok so we can proceed.” 

{Add the following within to your normal engagement agreement}:


To Proceed

  1. Type in your name on the engagement portal to digitally sign.

  2. Remit $XX which represents an advance towards future billing. Please remit electronically on the engagement portal.

  3. Ongoing monthly fees of $XX will be initiated automatically from the payment profile that you use in item #2 above.

If there are any services which require additional billing we will always alert you in advance for your approval.

If approved, you authorize us to electronically initiate payment for these additional services from your stored payment profile at the time these services are rendered.

{ALSO: Add this language in green border within step #4 of the BizPayO engagement tool}:

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