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Using customer engagements & proposals.
Using customer engagements & proposals.

Use the customer engagement feature to put your cash flows on auto pilot and remove friction when onboarding new customers.

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See text and 2:32 second video below:

The engagement feature allows you to streamline all your engagements in one place, from proposal accepted to cash flow collected. It's completely automated and will save you a ton of time. Your customers will love it too.  There is a video below too.

Here's the flow from your BizPayO dashboard:

  • Create engagement

  • Select your customer

  • Set payments (upfront/recurring/at end)

  • Add your engagement or proposal agreement

  • Send

Your customers will digitally accept and pay, if you are requesting money. All engagements stored permanently, including IP address, for your future reference.

All engagement payments will now run on autopilot including upfront, recurring or at completion. Should something change after you are engaged, you can easily modify a scheduled future payment or initiate a different amount.

Pro Tip: See
here for some sample language that you can use when creating your first Engagements to ensure a smooth customer acceptance.

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