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How to Access and Manage Transactions in BizPayo
How to Access and Manage Transactions in BizPayo
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1 Login to your BizPayO Account (

2 Click "Payments"

3 Click "Transactions"

4 You can filter the dates for payments

5 You can see the status of the payment under the Status Field.

6 Clicking the Magnifying glass opens the payment detail page

7 Clicking this button Refunds the payment

8 Clicking the Mail Icon resends the Receipt

9 Clicking the Print Icon opens the Printer options so you can print the transaction as you see it on the page

10 Clicking "Back" will take you back to the Transactions List

11 The Export buttons allow you to download the list of payments on a CSV file based on the timeline you've set

12 Click "Fetch Recent Returns & Refunds" Allows you to refresh the page with all the updated information from the last 90 days

13 You would see the Success page once the fetch is completed

14 Clicking New Transaction will take you to the one time payment screen so you can process a payment for your client.

15 You can then select which payment type you'd like to use (Enter a One Time Payment, Request a One-Time Payment or Schedule future payments)

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