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Managing Your Engagement / Proposals Templates in BizPayO
Managing Your Engagement / Proposals Templates in BizPayO

This step by step guide will help you edit, delete and create a new engagement/proposal templates using BizPayO

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1 Login to your BizPayO Account (

2 Click "Engagements"

3 Click "Manage Templates"

Editing an Engagement Template

You can see all your engagements templates here. Click Edit to Modify an existing engagement

Once you're done. Click "Save"

Click "Back to Templates List"

Delete an Engagement Template

Go to your Templates list and simply click "Delete"

You will receive a confirmation - Just click OK to delete the Engagement

Uploading an Engagement Template from an Existing File

You can also upload an exisiting engagement that you have (e.g. Word file). To do that, just click on Upload Word Doc

Click Choose file and locate the engagement in your computer

Click upload to upload the engagement or Cancel to cancel uploading one.

Create a New Engagement Template

Click "Create New"

Enter the Template Name

Compose the body of your Engagement Template

You can also copy contents on a PDF or Word file

Once you're pasting in the Engagement Body template you can either choose:

Remove Formatting - This pastes the contents without formatting carried over by the Word/PDF doc.

Keep Formatting - This inherits the formatting coming from the original Doc or PDF

We recommend using "Remove Formatting" to help you make sure that the spacing of the engagement body is consistent.

Click "Save"

You can now use the templates and send them to your clients.

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