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How to Edit a Customer's Record in BizPayO
How to Edit a Customer's Record in BizPayO

Follow this guide if you're looking to update your customer's record in BizPayO including adding a payment method

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1 Login to your BizPayO Account -

2 Click "Customers"

3 You can search the name of the existing customer you'd like to edit

4 Once you've located the customer's record, click the magnifying glass on the right to View/Edit their record

5 Update the record as needed

6 Optional: If you would like to add a payment profile for your customer, click "Add New Payment Method"

7 Select the Payment Method you're adding for the customer

8 Fill out the details of the Card/ eCheck

9 Click "Add Payment Method" once done

10 Click "Save" to save all the changes you've made

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