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Import Contact Data in BizPayO using CSV
Import Contact Data in BizPayO using CSV

Follow this guide to learn how you can import your customer data using a CSV file to your BizPayO Account

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1 Go to your BizPayO Account -

2 Click "Customers"

3 Click "Import Customers"

4 Click "Import Customers from CSV"

5 Click "Click here" to download the CSV template that you'll use to upload the customer data

6 The Doc should look like this. Populate all needed information as you see in each column. Save the file.

7 Click "Choose file" and locate the CSV file in your computer

8 Click "Upload"

9 Click the "Add New + Skip Existing" at the top to apply all the changes to all imported records.

10 OPTIONAL: If you see duplicate records, you can match them manually to an existing record in BizPayO

11 OPTIONAL: You can also Add or Skip individual records

12 Click "Continue"

13 Click "Finish"

14 You can now search for the records in your BizPayO account

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