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How to View All Engagements that you Sent or Created
How to View All Engagements that you Sent or Created

This guide shows you how to access a list of all engagements/proposals that you have created.

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1 Navigate to your BizPayO Account (

2 Click "Engagements"

3 Click "View All Engagements"

4 You'll see all your drafted, sent and expired engagements in this list.

5 You can click on the Magnifying Glass to View actions specific to the engagement

6 You can do the following with the engagement:

Accept Manually - you can click this to accept the engagement on your client's behalf

Archive - remove the engagement in this list and put it in the Archived list Delete - Delete the engagement

Resend Engagement - send the engagement email again to the same client Preview - Preview - Opens the preview page for the engagement

Print - This opens the print settings to print your engagement

Edit Engagement - Open the editing page for the engagement

7 Back on the Engagement List - You can click the EDIT (pencil) Icon if you wish to Edit the engagement

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