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Create and Send Engagements Template using BizPayO
Create and Send Engagements Template using BizPayO

Follow this guide to create and send an engagement/proposal to your client using BizPayO

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1 Navigate to your BizPayO Portal

2 Click "Engagements"

3 Click "Manage Templates"

4 Click "Import From Library"

5 Click the dropdown and choose your preferred proposal template.

6 Once you've chosen the engagement, Click "Import Now"

7 You can edit the engagement if you'd like by clicking on "Edit"

8 Click "Save"

Sending the Enagement / Proposal to your Clients

Now that you've imported an engagement/proposal, then it's time to send it to your client.

1 Click "Engagements"

2 Click "Engage a Customer"

3 Click "Start"

4 Search for a customer by typing their name or you can add a new client by clicking

"Quick Add"

5 In this example, we'll use an existing client in BizPayO so click "Select" on the

name of the client you're sending an engagement to then click "Continue"

6 Toggle the button beside Use Template to Yes

7 Click this dropdown and select your engagement

8 Click "Continue"

9 Toggle the box to "YES" to set the amount you'd like to charge your client upfront

10 Enter the amount

11 Optional: Toggle the button beside Recurring and Future Payments to yes if you'd

like to setup a subscription/ recurring payments.

12 Enter the amount you'd like to charge on a recurring basis.

13 Set the occurrence (e.g. 1 month or 30 days)

14 Click the "No End Date (ongoing)" field.

15 You can select when the next payment begins.

16 You can select when the next payment begins. In this example, we'll choose the

second option - 30 days after acceptance.

17 Click "Continue"

18 You can review the email and click continue once done.

19 Before sending the engagement, you can click "Preview" to review the engagement.

20 Click "OK" to close the preview screen

21 Click "Save & Send" to send the engagement

How to View Engagement Activity

1 Go to the Engagement Screen and click the magnifying glass on the right side of the engagement.

2 This will allow you to view the engagement's journey. You can now view the status of the engagement at the bottom (Activity Center).

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