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How does the BizPayO 100% Money-Back Guarantee work?
How does the BizPayO 100% Money-Back Guarantee work?

How does the BizPayO 100% Money-Back Guarantee work?

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One Year Money Back Guarantee

For Pro level users

When you sign up as a Pro level BizPayO user, we provide you with a one-year money back guarantee.

We guarantee that BizPayO will save you more money than your paid subscription over your first 12-months, otherwise we will refund your paid subscription.

Terms and Conditions:
Simply use BizPayO fully to meet the following criteria over your first 12 months.

-Receive $50,000 or more in customer payments.
-Receive payments from 20 or more separate customers.
-Send 10 or more smart proposals to separate customers through BizPayO.
-Complete your BizPayO professional profile.
-Keep credit card, ACH/echeck and automated reviews enabled.
-Maintain a 3% surcharge or equivalent convenience fee* for incoming credit card payments. *If you use a convenience fee, rather than a % surcharge, your convenience fee should be set so its equivalent to 3% or more of your average customer payment. So if your average customer payment is $500, then your convenience fee should be $15 or more ($500 x 3% = $15)

Financial Benefit/Savings
By maintaining these terms and conditions, you will enjoy a financial benefit in excess of your paid BizPayO Pro subscription computed by total credit card fees recovered plus new business generated from smart proposals.

Submitting a Claim (after 12 months)
If you feel that you are eligible for the money back guarantee please email the following to us within 60 days after your first 12 months ends. Please include your total credit card fees recovered, your surcharge percent or fixed convenience fee, total value of customer payments processed and the number of smart proposals sent.

Please email to [email protected]

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