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What is BizPayO Reviews and How Does It Work?
What is BizPayO Reviews and How Does It Work?

Learn how BizPayO Reviews will help you get more business automatically.

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BizPayO Reviews is a feature that will grow your business automatically by capturing customer reviews when you get paid.

After speaking with dozens of our most successful customers we learned that getting customer feedback and reviews are a major problem. This is the problem that BizPayO now solves for you automatically.

Video Overview of BizPayO Reviews:

Why Is BizPayO Reviews Important For My Business?

BizPayO is a leading-edge technology that will champion the way merchants and their payments are trusted throughout the world. There is no other platform that lets you accept payments and get verified reviews. Google loves it so much that your web rankings will increase without having to manually ask for reviews.

Why does this work so well? Think Uber. We rate our Uber driver after the experience. BizPayO does the same by allowing your customers to rate you at the end of their experience.

Can I Disable Reviews?

Reviews play a critical function to the stability and trustworthiness of the BizPayO platform to all of our users and to the public. It's an essential integrated element for success.  Just as you can’t turn off reviews on Amazon or Yelp you can’t turn off reviews on BizPayO.

What if some of my customers are not appropriate for giving a review?
That’s OK. They can decide whether to give you a review or skip it. There is no harm offering everybody the option since it is so valuable to your website rankings.

Can I Respond To a Customer Review?
Yes! Delight your customers by replying to their review and showing off your professionalism. In your Reviews profile admin page, under All Reviews, simply click Respond:

How Does BizPayO Reviews Work?

Each time you get paid through BizPayO you customers is able to leave you a review the most logical time.

  1. Customer pays for your service via your own BizPayO payment link

  2. Customer leaves you a verified review directly after payment confirmation

  3. The review is automatically posted to your SEO-optimized public profile on BizPayO

  4. The reviews are streamed to Google boosting your web presence and business credibility

  5. You can easily respond to reviews and comments showing customers that you care--all in within your BizPayO dashboard.

Will This Replace My Existing Website?
No this will compliment your existing website by allowing you to show off your reviews right from a link on your website without any effort. Soon you will be automatically show your reviews directly on your own website.

Your BizPayO Reviews profile is  a professional looking page with the social proof of your reviews that helps prospects find you and trust you. Even if your existing website is not attractive or ranks very low in SEO--no problem. BizPayO Reviews can serve as a better, more dynamic showcase of how professional you are.

Do I Need to Take Any Action?

Log into BizPayO and click "Ratings and Reviews" on the left. Then spend 2 minutes to update your Reviews profile so that your profile page looks great. You might even find a few reviews already in there.

BizPayO Reviews is now active and you will receive email notification each time you get a review.

I Have Additional Questions
Please send us a note using the chat bubble and we will reply promptly. Learn more on our website at

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