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Security features and privacy
Security features and privacy

Secure payments, confidentiality, HIPAA and data compliance

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As you will see, BizPayO means business when it comes to security for both you and your customers.

We use a world-class centralized technology platform that is Level 1 PCI compliant. In addition our servers are compliant with HIPAA and have been validated by an independent auditing firm and confirmed to meet HIPAA security and privacy guidelines including administrative, physical and technical safeguard measures.

This allows us to seamlessly process transactions and maintain the highest levels of data security.

In addition payments are processed using both a tokenization and proxynization mechanism which further safeguards sensitive payment information and prevent fraud. 

With tokenization, sensitive account information is replaced with an algorithmically generated number called a "token." These tokens are the chassis that passes payments for approval without the actual bank details being exposed. Its purpose is to ensure privacy by keeping the information secure from anyone for whom it is not intended. A token could look something like this b8g6%keQ36rzHu#1. 

Since payment information is tokenized it's safe since a would-be hacker can only see randomly generated tokens, not the underlying payment details they seek.  

With proxynization you can safely process payments within BizPayO by eliminating the possibility of sensitive data being unintentionally logged onto any files on your system or ours. BizPayO uses hosted payment payment page technology with our processing partners to make this happen.

Guess what...  While you will be able to easily process payments from your customers' payment profiles in BizPayO, not even YOU can see your customers sensitive payment details! This acts as yet another security measure for you and your team.  

This gives you peace of mind knowing your sensitive data is secure while giving you maximum flexibility to run your cash flows.

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