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What is Cash Flow Optimization?
What is Cash Flow Optimization?

End-to-end cash flow optimization

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BizPayO is not simply an online payments platform but the first Cash Flow Optimization Platform (CFOP) that puts your entire cash flow on autopilot, saving you time and adding profit to your bottom line.

In the past you would have needed to sign up with multiple unrelated services to accomplish what BizPayO does in one secure cloud platform.

Now you can optimize your cash flow process end-to-end including sending engagement letters/proposals, accepting online payments, managing recurring transactions, forecasting your cash flow and automatically syncing it all to QuickBooks.

To get a better idea, these are the typical manual and tedious tasks that businesses often take to get paid if they are not cash flow optimized. BizPayO achieves to automate all of the following and eliminate third party processing fees too.

  1.   Send client engagement letter or proposal

  2.   Secure proper signature of acceptance

  3.   Receive payment for engagement

  4.   Add customer to your database

  5.   Create engagement invoice

  6.   Apply deposit against invoice

  7.   Make bank deposit

  8.   Increase Cash & Income on books

  9.   Set up future invoicing intervals

  10. Create future invoices

  11. Time spent for collections

  12. Receive payment for invoices

  13. Apply deposit against invoices

  14. Make bank deposit

  15. Increase Cash & Income on books

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