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Using a recovery fee for credit cards?
Using a recovery fee for credit cards?

Set up and modify your recovery fee (surcharge or convenience fee) so you can get paid without absorbing the costs.

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See text, images and 29 second video below.

Getting paid at $0 net cost is available to you within BizPayO.  Most BizPayO users turn this powerful feature on to save a lot of money, but it's entirely your choice.

Just click the "Company Settings/Recovery Fee" button on your BizPayO dashboard. Then click to set either surcharge, convenience fee or none. 

If want to use a surcharge, most set this to 3%. If you want to use a convenience fee, most set this to $15, but its entirely up to you. 

When your customers come to your branded payment page they will be notified of your recovery fee amount before finalizing their payment. Some will decide to pay this fee, while other will elect to pay by eCheck, both are good.  

How to modify your recovery fee from your BizPayO dashboard.

Glance of what your customers will see, depending on which recovery fee option you choose, if any.  Your actual payment page has more graphics displayed, this is just a quick view.

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