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Adding a “Click to Pay Me” link in my email signature
Adding a “Click to Pay Me” link in my email signature

Adding a payment link in your email signature, website and more.

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See text, images and 29 second video below.

This feature is highly recommended since your customers can always refer back to any of your prior emails to pay you easily. When clicked, your customers will be launched into your branded payment page to pay you.

You can locate your unique payment link from the BizPayO dashboard under Company Settings/Payment Link.  Then head over to your email program and add it to your permanent signature settings.  

We recommend using "Click Here To Pay Us" as the language that displays in your signature, then insert your unique payment link as the hyperlink.  An example is below along with a video.

We encourage you to also embed this link to your website as a "Make a Payment" button.

Sample Signature Below:

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